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Published bi-annually by JI Lifestyle, a sister company of JI Experience, SHA Magazine is the world’s leading luxury wellness publication, distributed to top-tier members of the exclusive community of the SHA Privileged benefits programme and within the suites and residences at SHA Wellness Clinic Spain.

SHA Magazine is a trusted resource for readers looking for the latest in healthy – and beautiful – living. Our network of over 120 editors and journalists across the globe has its fingers on the pulse of topics ranging from medical science to culinary creativity, from mental health to forward-looking philanthropy.

A thought leader in the wellness space, SHA Magazine spotlights the latest perspectives in medical research, nutrition and healthy living. In addition to its role as the must-have resource for the latest in wellbeing, it also features a curated selection of stories and photo shoots on topics ranging from fashion to art to travel, offering inspiration for how to living both longer and better.

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