Global 360° Loyalty

Since 2000, JI Experience has designed, produced and distributed media for American Express Centurion®  and advised on customer loyalty programmes in international markets. Crafted exclusively for verified Centurion® Members, the most premium American Express® cardmembers, Centurion Magazine and centurion-magazine.com are published by JI Experience to deliver first-class, independent editorial with expertly sourced recommendations across travel, style, design and more.

The international editions of the quarterly print magazine inspire Centurion® Members with first-class recommendations for a way of life that soars far above the ordinary, highlighting unforgettable experiences, covetable items and the most premium services and programmes.

Through the expertise and insights of the magazine’s network of correspondents around the globe, centurion-magazine.com also provides this premium community with the latest updates on the places, products and purveyors they need to know about, 365 days a year.

Alongside an award-winning portfolio of print and digital publications, we partner with some of the world’s most desirable brands to bring Centurion readers unique and individually crafted offers, items and experiences.

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