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Journal International Experience:

Putting The Customer First

We work with leading premium brands worldwide to deliver a range of tailored solutions. Our focus is to make customer experience more engaging and more enriching, converting customers into enthusiastic brand advocates that are more informed, engaged and passionate about the products and services they enjoy.

We do this by putting the customer first, ensuring that all their needs are met with a perfect balance of information and inspiration on a customer journey that should enable and enrich their lifestyle.

Our services encompass high-level content marketing solutions with magazines, websites, apps, social media channels and more as well as bespoke customer benefit strategies with a mix of events, offers and privileges all conceived, negotiated and managed exclusively for brands.

360° Services

Journal International Experience doesn’t offer standard off-the-shelf solutions for clients. Instead, we recognise that every client is different and that the communications and loyalty challenges clients face are infinitely varied and nuanced.

Against that background, we are able to offer a comprehensive suite of core services developed and refined from long experience in delivering proven success for clients with measurable results.

The mix and balance of services varies for every client, but the solutions are united by one vision: to serve world-class brands with bespoke solutions that provide an exact fit with their needs.